Environment Policy

Environment Policy

Anji is mainly focus on solar module manufacturing and technology development.

As a member of global citizens, to maintain the limited resource and substantial business operation,

 We declare the environment policy of our company as : 

        . Comply with current regulations
        . Protect the environment
        . Prevent the pollutions
        . Reuse and reduce
‎        . Continuous improvement

  To honor our commitments, following strategies and actions will be taken : 

        . Comply with current government laws and regulations
        . Prevent the pollutions and reuse/reduce the waste
        . Utilize the nature resources by better eco energy
        . Enhance the concepts of environmental protection and encourage the participation by all members
‎        . Keep continuous improvement and communication for our environment goals to all members
        . Set up the goals and periodic review meeting


We got the certificate the ISO 14001

ISO 14001:2004