Vertical Integration
ANJI Technology
is committed to develop and make additive manufacturing products which span across aerospace, industrial and medical industries.
Circle Metal Powder
patented atomization technology produces high quality of metal powder for additive manufacturing that rival international manufacturers.
Chinup Technology
developed the Taiwan’s first independent atomizer.
3D Printer
3D Printing Advantages
Shorten Product Life Cycle and Lead Time
3D Printing has absolute advantage in the development stage. Rapid prototyping enables design realized in a timely manner for next revision. This further accelerates the whole life cycle and directly step into mass production, which helps our clients staying ahead of competitors.
Weight Reduction
Through Topology optimization and lattice structure design, 3D printing can significantly reduce product weight while maintaining the same strength. In addition, the advantages of lightweight and energy efficient makes itself popular in aerospace and automotive industry.
Design without Limits
3D printing product has high flexibility in design, lifting restriction in the conventional process, from complex unibody structure to free internal flow, making creativity closer to reality.
High Material Utilization
Compared with conventional subtractive manufacturing, additive manufacturing greatly reduces the loss of material and cost, which is more prominent in precious metal.